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Institute of Financial Studies

Institute of Financial Studies (IFS) of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics established on July 29, 2010, in Chengdu, China. The institute aims to stand at the international frontier of financial disciplines, based on the research of China's financial development, and is committed to advancing the level of teaching and research in the area of finance at the University. The spirit of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics of “Being for the world, striving for” (“经世济民, 孜孜以求”), takes the training of high-level talents, high-level scientific research, and high-quality social services as its own responsibility. It attaches importance to strengthening international cooperation and exchanges. The academic influence and popularity of Southwestern Finance and Economics in China and oversea have been significantly improved; and it has gathered well-known overseas experts and scholars in the field of finance, outstanding doctoral graduates, young and middle-aged teaching and research backbones and visiting scholars. The team has established a high-level talent team; and is constantly optimizing the existing team.  

IFS Summer Seminar

IFS Summer Seminar

Group Picture during IFS Summer Seminar (Prof. Jun Liu, Associate Dean of IFS, the first one on the left side)

Group Picture after the Seminar

IFS Summer Seminar (Prof. Philip Dybvig, Dean of IFS)