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The Financial Research Institute of the 2012 Summe

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Date: July 30th to August 3rd morning 9:30 to 12:30
Venue: 2102 building, Guanghua Guanghua Campus
Financial Research Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics professor of economics at the Carnegie Mellon University invited the famous scholar Marvin Goodfriend came to our school to carry out academic exchanges. In the meantime, Marvin Goodfriend will be taught in the classroom 2102 Guanghua Guanghua campus building. All the teachers and students are welcome to listen.
Topic: Modern money, banking and, central banking
Lecturer: Professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University, Marvin Goodfriend
Time: July 30, 2012 (Monday) to August 3rd (Friday morning) 9:30~12:30
Location: 2102 building, Guanghua Guanghua Campus
Syllabus for Course Outline:
[Numbers in brackets refer to readings listed following the course outline.]
Monday and Tuesday
I Core Real Business Cycle Model [1), pp. 21-7]
1) Household consumption
2) Household labor supply
3) Firms, employment, and output
4) The real interest rate--coordinating aggregate demand and supply
II Interest Rate Policy), Aggregate Employment, and Inflation [1, pp. 27-42]
1) Firm pricing practices, inflation and, the markup
2) Employment fluctuations and the markup [handout]
3) Interest rate policy, credibility and, inflation scares [2]
4) Fluctuations and stabilization policy
5) Welfare-maximizing interest rate policy with an inflation target [3]
Tuesday and Wednesday
Money, Banking, III) and Monetary Policy Operations
[4 Sections, 1, 2, 3.4, 3.5], [5]
1) Provision of bank reserves [6]
2) Commercial bank loan demand
3) The banking system balance sheet constraint
4) The money multiplier (bank reserve demand)
5) Inflation stabilization by controlling the money stock [7]
6) Emerging market monetary policy with a "managed" foreign
Exchange rate [8]
7) A framework for independent monetary policy in China [9]
Wednesday and Thursday
IV Banking, Money Markets), and Line of Credit Provision
1) Financial intermediation and banking [10]
2) Money markets [11]
3) Private and public line of credit provision [12], [13]
Thursday and Friday
V Central Banking and the Credit Turmoil)
1) Financial distress in the money stock model [handout]
2) Role of credit policy in conjunction with monetary policy in financial
Distress in the money stock model [handout]
3) Central banking in the credit turmoil: an assessment of Federal
Reserve practice [14], [15]
4) The continuing crisis in Euro monetary and credit policy [15], [16]
The main office of Financial Research Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Contact: Hu Su, Huang Zhaojun
Tel: 8709904687099047
Id=239 http://public.tepper.cmu.edu/facultydirectory/FacultyDirectoryProfile.aspx on Marvin goodfriend, resume and other details, please see the school website

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