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University of Washington professor Philip H. Dybv

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he twenty-two International Symposium on Financial Research Institute of the 2014 Summer
The main topic: A Survey of My Current Research
Speaker: Philip H. Dybvig Professor, University of Washington
Speaker introduction:
Philip H. Dybvig Professor, University of Washington, Dean of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Institute of finance. Dybvig professor of research is mainly banking, corporate finance, financial markets, asset pricing, fixed income securities, industrial organization and portfolio management, has been in the field published two textbooks and in the world's top finance journals published many articles.
The Philip H. Dybvig professor of resumes and other details see:
Contact: Ye Dan Zhang Minjie Qu Chengcheng
Tel: 8709904687099047
Email: yedan1220@126.com, zhangminjie234@163.com

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