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Professor Hyeng Keun Koo Consumption and Portfolio

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Date: July 16, 2014 (Wednesday) morning 10:30-12:00
Venue: Institute of Finance Conference Room 202 (Guanghua campus original veteran center two floor, north gate near the basketball court)
The twelve International Symposium on Financial Research Institute of the 2014 Summer
Southwest University of Finance and Economics Institute of Finance (Institute of financial studies, SWUFE) invite famous scholars of Asia University (Ajou university finance professor of Engineering Hyeng Keun Koo to our school for academic exchanges, there will be in the Financial Research Institute of the 202 room academic lectures. Invite the students to participate!
The main topic: Consumption and Portfolio Selection Models
Speaker: Hyeng Keun professor Koo, Asia University
Speaker introduction:
Asian University Research Professor of financial engineering, financial engineering department is Professor of Hyeng Keun Koo, he in 1988 obtained at the University of Texas at Austin doctoral degrees in mathematics and in 1992 obtained a doctoral degree in finance at Princeton University. The main research direction of Hyeng Keun Koo is Professor of mathematical finance, asset pricing and financial engineering, investment theory and agency theory. He has plenty of academic works in these areas, the professor Hyeng Keun Koo is review of financial studies, American economic review, economic theory. Journal of economic dynamics and control. Journal of economic theory and a number of magazines of the reviewers.
Contact: Ye Dan Zhang Minjie Qu Chengcheng
Tel: 87099046, 87099047
E-mail:yedan1220@126.com, zhangminjie234@163.com

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