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Australian National University professor Ding Ding

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Date: July 2, 2014 (Wednesday) morning 10:30-12:30
Venue: Institute of Finance Conference Room 202 (Guanghua campus original veteran center two floor, north gate near the basketball court)
The main speaker: Australian National University professor Ding Ding
Indiana University Yifei Mao
Seminar schedule:
10:30-11:30 Prof. Ding Ding Belief Dispersion and Investment
11:30-12:30 Ms. Yifei Mao Managing innovation: the role of collateral
Speaker introduction:
Ding Ding, professor at the Australian National University, she earned a doctorate from the University of Toronto of Finance and economics in 2014. The main research direction is: corporate finance and financial behavior.
Yifei Mao is a Ph.D. student in Indiana university. The main research direction: corporate finance and market microstructure.
Invite the students to participate!
Contact: Ye Dan Zhang Minjie Qu Chengcheng
Tel: 87099046, 87099047
E-mail: yedan1220@126.com, zhangminjie234@163.com

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