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Short Selling and Endogenous Price Uncertainty

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The 2015 International Symposium on summer Financial Research Institute four
Southwest University of Finance and Economics Institute of Finance (Institute of financial studies, SWUFE) invite famous scholars of Fudan University (Fudan University), Professor Ma Chenghu to our school for academic exchanges, during in the Financial Research Institute of the 202 room for academic lectures. Invites members of the broad masses of teachers and students in!
The lecture introduces as follows:
Subject: Short Selling and Endogenous Price Uncertainty
Speaker: Professor Ma Chenghu of Fudan University
Time: July 6, 2015 (Monday) at 2:00-3:30 PM
Location: Institute of Finance Conference Room 202 (Guanghua campus north door near the basketball court)
Organizer: Department of scientific research, Financial Research Institute
Speaker introduction:
Professor Ma Chenghu is a professor of Department of finance, Fudan University. Professor Ma is the research direction of investment strategy, asset pricing, financial derivatives, the term structure of interest rates, financial problems. A PhD in economics at the University of Toronto in Canada, Professor ma. In 2001, Professor Ma was awarded the Best Paper Award award.
About professor Ma Chenghu's personal resume and see details:
Http://www.fdsm.fudan.edu.cn/teacher/preview.aspx UID=119014?
Contact: Ye Dan
Tel: 8709904687099047

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