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Selective Analytical Research in Accounting

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The Financial Research Institute of the 2015 summer classes three
Southwest University of Finance and Economics Institute of Finance (Institute of financial studies, SWUFE) invited the famous scholar at the University of Chicago Booth School of business (Booth School of business, the University of Chicago) Associate Professor of accounting Gao Pingyang to our school for academic exchange, during which will in Guanghua campus of academic lectures. Invites members of the broad masses of teachers and students in!
The lecture introduces as follows:
Subject: Selective Analytical Research in Accounting and Finance:
June 29th: A two-step representation of accounting measurement
June 30th: Earnings management and influence activities
July 2nd: Informational issues in bank runs
July 3rd: Mark-to-market
Speaker: Professor Gao Pingyang of University of Chicago's Booth School of business
Time: June 29, 2015 (Monday) morning 9:30-12:30
June 30, 2015 (Tuesday morning) 9:30-12:30
July 2, 2015 (Thursday morning) 9:30-12:30
July 3, 2015 (Friday morning) 9:30-12:30
Location: June 29th, June 30th: Guanghua podium room 2207
July 2nd, July 3rd: Yucai kindergarten classroom 708
Organizer: Department of scientific research, Financial Research Institute
Speaker introduction:
Professor Gao Pingyang is associate professor of accounting at University of Chicago's Booth School of business. The main research direction of Professor Gao is the supervision of information disclosure, accounting standards, incentives and contracts and equity pricing. Professor from Yale University accounting PhD in 2008, and AAA, AFA, AEA, a member of CAPANA.
Http://www.chicagobooth.edu/faculty/directory/g/pingyang-gao about Pingyang Professor Gao personal resume and details please see
Contact: Ye Dan
Tel: 8709904687099047

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