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Prof. Kose John from NYU Stern Business School

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Time: 9:30am-12:30pm, June 7th/ 8th/9th
14:00pm-17:00pm, June 8th
Addr: Guanghuaqun Building 2206
Topic: Theoretical and Empirical Corporate Finance
Speaker: Prof. Kose John Stern Business School, New York University
About the speaker:
Kose John is Charles William Gerstenberg Professor of Banking and Finance at Stern School of Business, New York University (NYU), His research interests include Corporate Finance, Capital Markets Theory, economics of Information, Asymmetric Information Models, Signaling, Theory of Optimal Contracts, Design of Corporate Securities, Dynamic Games and Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis. He published many paper in outstanding journal, like the Journal of Finance, and the Review of Finance; also published some extraordinary books like Dividend Policy: It‘s Impact on Firm Value and Hedging with Financial Futures: From Theory to Practice.
Lecture Schedule:
9:30 -12:30, June 7th  Tuesday:
Overview Lecture and Theoretical and Empirical Corporate Finance #1
9:30 -12:30, June 8th  Wednesday:
Theoretical and Empirical Corporate Finance #2
14: 00 -17:00, June 8th  Wednesday
Corporate Governance: Theory and Empirical Literature
9:30 -12:30, June 9th  Thursday:
Risk, Innovation and Corporate Governance
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