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Prof. Michael Brennan from University of California Los Angeles: Practical Pricing

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Time: 10:30am-12:00am, July 6th Thursday

Addr: IFS Conference Room 202

Topic: Practical Pricing

Speaker: Prof. Michael Brennan from University of California, Los Angeles

About the speaker:
Michael Brennan is Professor of finance professor at the University of California in Los Angeles and London Business School's Anderson School of business. Professor Michael Brennan is past president of the American Finance Association, and served as the Journal of Finance editor, and the review of financial studies, founding editor. He has done consulting work for many Canadian and USA Inc, and in 1995 was awarded the INQUIRE prize in Europe. Main research directions of Michael Brennan's asset pricing and corporate finance, derivatives pricing, market microstructure and its effect. In the field he published many academic papers.

For the bio and publication of Prof. Michael Brennan, please see his homepage at:
Institute of Financial Studies
Tel: 028-87099046   028-87099047
Email: yedan1220@126.com, zhangxun0903@126.com

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