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IFS Internal Conference

2019年10月18日 13:35  点击:[]

Yishu Fu, Fei Shen, Ming Liu, Xiaoqian Wen, Tao Peng, Hongyan Fang
Jun Yang   Indiana University
Micharel Brennan   University of California
Philip Dybvig   Washington University
Pierre Liang   Carnegie Mellon University
Pingyang Gao   University of Chicago
Time: July 7th.  Friday    10:30-12:00 and 13:30-16:40
Address: IFS Conference Room 202

Name Time School Topic
Yishu Fu 10:30-11:15 Institute of chinese finance studies of SWUFE (ICFS) Tigers and Flies: Information, Discretion and the Chinese Anti-corruption Campaign
Fei Shen 11:15-12:00 Finance School Steward Effects of Target Founder-CEO : Evidence from Takeovers
Ming Liu 13:30-14:15 Finance School How do institutional investors affect corporate performance? Evidence from private placements in China, Qizhi Tao, Ming Liu, Ting Zhang
Xiaoqian Wen 14:15-15:00 Institute of chinese finance studies of SWUFE (ICFS) US monetary policy and systemic risk in commodity markets
10 minutes break
Tao Peng 15:10-15:55 RIEM Keeping up with the Zhangs and House Price Dynamics in China
Hongyan Fang 15:55-16:40 Finance School Maturity mismatch and incentives:evidence from the wealth management products in China

上一条:Prof. Jun Yang from Indiana University: Target performance goals in executive compensation and earnings guidance 下一条:Prof. Min Zhu from Business School,Queensland University of Technology : Mutual Fund Managers’ Prior Work Experience and Their Investment Skills