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Prof. Wei Zhang from Tianjin University: Financial Innovation Driven by Technology

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Time: 10:30am-12:00am, July 31st Tuesday

Addr: IFS Conference Room 202

Topic: Fintech Driven by Technology

Speaker: Prof. Wei Zhang from Tianjin University: Fintech Driven by Technology

About the speaker:

Zhang wei, born in May 1958, is an engineering doctor, director of the department of management and economics, tianjin university, and a doctoral supervisor. He is one of the earliest scholars engaged in financial engineering education and research in China. Presided over the completion of "financial risk analysis, prevention and control research", the first major project of the national natural science foundation of China on financial engineering and financial mathematics; Translated and published the first real option theory in China and the first funded research on real option and option game in China; Funded by the national fund, I was the first to conduct research on computational experimental finance in China, and published the results of computational experimental finance on high level academic journals at home and abroad, such as IEEE-Trans. On IS and journal of management science.

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