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The Conference “Investments and Asset Pricing” Launched by IFS, SWUFE

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Time: July 11th,2017
Chengdu, China

In order to promote the academic exchanges in the financial research area among the southwest China and enhance the external influence of the Southwestern University of  Finance and Economics ,the conference of "Investments and Asset Pricing " hosted by the institute of Financial Studies of South-western University of Finance and Economics was successfully held on July 11, 2017.
The conference chaired by Philip Dybvig, the dean of the Institute of Financial Studies, attracted a lot well-known scholars from the United States,South Korea,Chengdu,Shanghai,Beijing and some other places. The discussion in the conference promoted the academic exchanges and cooperation between the participating scholars.
It is our honor to invite the following experts as speakers of conference

Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan is a professor of finance at both UCLA Anderson and London Business School. His research interests include asset pricing, corporate finance, the pricing and role of derivative securities, market microstructure, and the role of information in capital markets. He has published extensively in all of these areas.


Bong-gyu Jang
Bong-gyu Jang is a professor in Postech in South Korea. His research interests include asset pricing, portfolio theory, life-cycle asset management, credit risk, interest rates, derivatives, financial engineering and mathematical finance.


Kai Li
Professor Kai Li received his Ph.D. from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2014 and subsequently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Technology, Sydney. He is working in Institute of Financial Studies of SWUFE. He works on problems in investments and asset pricing.


Philip H. Dybvig
Philip H. Dybvig, Boatmen's Bancshares Professor of Banking and Finance at Washington University in Saint Louis, is a prominent financial economist. He is best-known for his paper, Diamond-Dybvig [1983], one of the most widely cited papers in Finance and Economics and often the starting point for discussions of the financial crisis.


Hyeng Keun Koo
Professor Hyeng Keun Koo is a professor of financial engineering in Ajou University. He received mathematics Ph.D. from the university of Texas at Austin in 1988 and finance Ph.D. from Princeton university in 1992. Professor Hyeng Keun Koo's research focuses on financial mathematics, asset pricing and financial engineering, investment and agency theory.


Jun Liu
Professor Liu is a professor with tenure at the Rady School of Management at the University of California at San Diego.Liu received his Ph.D. in finance from Stanford University. Liu's research focuses on theoretical and empirical asset pricing, and the development and use of econometric methods.


Mark Loewenstein
Professor Loewenstein, from Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. His research interests include asset pricing, portfolio selection, and employee compensation valuation and design. His work has appeared in the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Economic Theory and elsewhere.


At this point, the conference "investment and asset pricing" was successfully accomplished. The participants stated that many cutting-edge research which has been learned from the keynote speeches of distinguished professors and scholars, and benefited from the exchange of learning with other scholars.

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