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the Conference of First Western China Economics Forum launched by IFS, SWUFE

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The conference of First Western China Economics Forum was held successfully by Institute of Financial Studies of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Guanghua Campus) on July 23rd in the conference room 703 of the Yucai Garden. The conference was hosted by Philip H. Dybvig, the dean of IFS, and consisted of four seminars of scholars from different research institutes.


Bin Wei, from the Fed of Atlanta, presented the research about “Inflation Dynamics: Forecasting and Policy Implications”.


Jingyi Zhang was presenting the seminar “Measuring natural rate of interest”.


In the afternoon, Prof. Jun Liu from USCD and Prof. Lawrence J. Christiano presented their recent researches on DSGE.
Jun Liu was presenting his research on “Global Properties in NK Models”. Jun introduced a new way to get the equilibrium of DSGE under specific conditions.


Prof. Christiano was discussing about “Does the New Keynesian Model Have a Uniqueness Problem?”


The forum, attracting scholars from many different institutes, ended with the conference on Saturday. This forum was made up with workshops offered by Christiano and seminars presented by scholars. A series of topics are discussed enthusiastically on the forum. The Institute of Financial Studies at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) is an experimental western-style research institute, dedicated to the producing international-standard research and enhancing the research environment at SWUFE. The Institute currently has six full-time faculty and is headed by internationally-famous finance scholar Philip H.Dybvig of Washington University in Saint Louis.  Each summer the Institute runs a research program featuring many international scholars and an excellent research environment.  The summer program also features short courses and international conferences.

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