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Chunbo Liu Associate Professor

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Research Interests   Debt contracting, Capital structure, Financial market liquidity
Education     Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway (August 2011 - 2016) Ph.D. in Finance
                            Boston College, Boston, MA (January - July 2015)   Visiting scholar, Sponsor: Prof. Edith Hotchkiss
                            ESSEC Business School, Paris, France (Sep. 2010 - June 2011) PhD program in Economics,
                            Universite de Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy-Pontoise, France (Sep. 2010 - June 2011) MSc in Economics
                           Wuhan University, Wuhan, China (Sep. 2004 - June 2010)   MSc in Economics, BA in Economics
Working papers
1. Growth opportunities and debt covenants: evidence from a natural experiment
(job market paper) presented at FMA (2015), NFA (2015), Virginia Darden (2015), Norwegian School of Economics (2014), NFB workshop (2014)
2. Cross monitoring: what can debt covenants tell us?   presented at Norwegian School of Economics (2013), MFA (2014), NFN PhD Workshop (2014)
3. The Design of Covenant Lite Loans: An Empirical Investigation presented at PREBEM PhD workshop (2013), NFN PhD workshop (2013), Norwegian School of Economics (2012)
4. From Funding Liquidity to Market Liquidity: Evidence from the Options Market, with Zhiping Zhou (Bocconi) and Cheng Zhang (LSE) presented at 5th Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference (2014), Bocconi (2014), Zhejiang University (2014), MFA (2015), NFB PhD Workshop (2015)
Work in progress
1. CEO expertise and the design of compensation contracts: Evidence from generalist versus specialist CEOs, with Wei Shi (NHH)
2. Liquidity pull-back in the corporate bond market, with Jens Srlie Kvrner (NHH) and Zhiping Zhou (Bocconi)
3. The consequences of borrowing covenant lite loans, with David Smith (Virginia)

Presentations Conferences
 FMA, Orlando Oct 2015  NFA, Lake Louise Sep 2015
 Midwest 2015,2014
 5th Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference, Budapest Oct 2014

 NFB workshop 2013,2014,2015
 NFN PhD workshop, Stockholm 2013,2014 Seminars
 Darden School of Business, University of Virginia May 2015
 Norwegian School of Economics 2013, 2014, 2015

Academic and Teaching  Experience
Professional services
 Research assistant in Argentum Center for Private Equity (Oct 2015 - May 2016)
 Research assistant in ESSEC Business School Paris (Oct 2010 - May 2011)
 Reviewer for the Midwest Finance Association annual meeting (2014) and World Finance Conference (2016)
 Organizer of the pre-seminar series in the Finance Department in NHH (2013)
 Discussant in Midwest Finance Association conference (2014) and National Research School PhD workshop (2014)
Teaching assistant
 Empirical Corporate Finance (PhD level)
 Advanced Corporate Finance (Master level)
 Financial Markets and Institutions (Bachelor level)
 Venture Capital, Private Equity and IPO's (Master level)
 Empirical Methods in Finance (Master level) Master thesis supervision
 Hans-Christian Vatne and Christopher Celsrud (2012), Lin Chen (2013), Shasha Yan (2013), Cheng Zeng (2015)

 NFA PhD Paper Registration Award Sep 2015
 Joshua Angrist Grand Prize Aug 2014
 Research Scholar Fellowship, NHH 2011-2015
 PhD Scholarship, ESSEC Business School 2010
 Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Wuhan University June 2008
 Chinese Government Scholarship, Ministry of Education Sep 2007

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